Tuesday, October 04, 2011

DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Early T'Ang Chinese

Played quick game tonight at my gaff using Dbmm. I used my Byzantine and Stephen used T'Ang. No time to pontificate suffice to say T'Ang wiped floor Byzantines with awesome shooting from their single Artillery piece backed up by massed BowX.

 I really ought to give Hail Caesar a run out sometime soon.

Couple of pics

Byzantines deployed

Byzantine mounted array

Skutatoi (looking rather old as done 20+ years in enamels)

Stephens rather lovely T'Ang deploy (really nice Outpost figures)


  1. Nice stuff even if it's a loss it's still getting to game.

  2. Anonymous2:40 pm

    So do you rate the rules? I am new back to wargaming with figures and DBM was all the rage then (I was still 6th edition boy myself)


  3. Hi Anon DBMM2 is Imho much better than DBM but of very much the same pedigree. Enough differences to make it a very different game though. I like the inertia/unpredictability of the Pip system but at times the single element system can seem bit odd if your used to units. It got me back into Ancients after a few years layoff (as I got sick of endless DBM updates/editions). As with all rules I find friendly games are best. Not that dear to buy so well worth a try.