Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh no more rules........................

Received a Pdf flyer from Sam Mustafa today regarding his latest up coming rule set in the Honour Series (ie follow on to Lasalle) and most intriguing they are too. Flyer is currently available at and  has brief outline of scope of rules including samples of the interesting card deck system. Not due until early 2012 but definitely on my must have list as Sam's rules are always excellent (the cover image alone has me sold !!). Covers a favourite period of warfare of mine to boot.


  1. Got the e-mail and yes I'll pick up a copy for sure! Really like LaSalle rules so I expect these to be good as well.


  2. Yes! This just made my day. Just in time for my Seven Years War project next year. :-)

    With Mustafa still working on the Blucher rules I thought it would be ages before he got back to this period.

  3. Im disappointed hes revisiting the 7yw era again