Saturday, October 22, 2011

WWII Game planned

WWII game planned for tomorrow so just set up table. Based on a Rapid Fire Arnhem scenario from the Market Garden booklet. Whilst this is actually for a Brigade sized game we are going use our 'house rules' Western Front version of the excellent Grey Storm Red Steel rules (itself a follow on to the excellent Overlord set both by Barry Lovell of Timecast Buildings fame) which is a Platoon/Section Level game. Area is on approaches to Oosterbeek and has elements of 4th Parachute Brigade advancing from drop zones with elements of KG Schiller attempting to stop them in wooded area. Been literally years since we used the rules but even a brief skim through QRS seems to bring most of it back from memory banks (wish I could recall things I did last week as readily !!) and should play fine as forces employed will be mainly Infantry.

The road to Oosterbeek

German rear zone

British approach zone

The central zone


  1. Great look set up, you even made the felt look good. ;-) Should be fun time!

  2. Very nice layout.

  3. It sounds and looks great, enjoy it!!!