Saturday, October 15, 2011

Field Of Battle Napoleonic Action

Played another Field Of Battle 2 game today at Stephens using Prussians versus French circa 1814. I fielded some 32 units (small 2 base units) against 26 French. We used the new points system to 'balance' (not really true of FOB) forces then randomized everything else (bar table set-up which Stephen undertook). So I ended up with a D12+1 CiC an Exceptional Sequence Deck but lowish Army Morale at 29 points. French had D10 CiC an Average deck but a decent 30 Army Morale. We also rolled for each unit (mainly so as I could use some newly printed Counters I made during weak for Units and Leaders. We also tried out the Fate & Command Decisions scenario tables for first time with only advantage gained by Prussians in Tactical Advantage aspect allowing 1 Command Group to re-deploy within its zone after set-up and French getting to set-up second. Once play commenced the game once again flowed really well as we whizzed through cards and actions. French shooting was simply awesome with even long range Artillery causing Unit Integrity hits with associated loss of Army Morale, and two Young Guard units delivering two crushing opening volleys (even without use of First Fire bonus which we dont use) on Prussians generating 6 UI hits (destroying outright and already damaged unit). Prussian Cuirassier Brigade had a very useful 3 move segments to get into position to threaten French left but then failed to achieve even a single move (Command rolls of 1 !!) on next two move opportunities allowing French to form Square and occupy a wood sealing their flank. My Reserve Infantry Brigade advanced into a wood near French center but the Young Guard volleys blunted their thrust. As Prussian Army morale dwindled to a mere 4 I called it a day as only viable option was now to retire and try to draw the undamaged French forward. Great game again and a really playable and slick set of rules that allow large amounts of units to be used on table in reasonable time and fashion. Our next try with FOB2 will be with Seven Years War troops.

Prussian Reserve Infantry Brigade

French Left flank

Prussian Cuirassier advance with Line Infantry

Reserve Infantry fight for wood (note Routing unit -red tag- after devastating French volley)

French center

French view of the battle for wood

Landwehr Brigade and Light Cavalry

French right wing


  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great game that met its expectations. I do love FoB, especially (but not only) for big games.

    How did you find the new Melee Card rule changed the game, if at all?


  2. Hi Peter
    Not much melee in this game but I do like the faster resolution in Fob2 I also like the ability to enter melee from half move distance Small changes but nice.

  3. Great looking game. Love the photos.

  4. Looks like a great (if one sided) piquet battle. We will be gaming at Brent's again next Saturday. Hopefully a Napoleonic game. The half move on melee card is something I really like. Under FOB I, it seemed to become sort of a useless card.

    Greg C.