Sunday, October 23, 2011

WWII Game played...........................

Played game today, after watching All Blacks narrowly !! beat Les Bleus, using our 15mm kit and house rule set (based on Overlord/Grey Storm Red Steel) we have not used in several years. I had Whermacht in defence against advancing British Paratroops. Setup based on advance from Landing Zones towards Oosterbeek in Holland September 1944. Scenario generated 200pts of Experienced Germans against 240pts of Elite Paras. I picked 2 Platoons of Grenadiers backed up by 2 MMG and a Section of Assault Engineers. A lone Stug42 completed the force. The Grenadiers set up up to half way all hidden in woods and in foxholes. The Paras had a full Elite Company backed by a 6pdr a 3" mortar section, a HMG section  and some off-table artillery (Stephen picked 25pdrs but really 75mm would be more accurate, but made no difference in end as they never shot). Brits advance generally (we played along length or 'up the table' as we term it) across the battlefield in good old '2 up 1 back' fashion . Once units began to spot each other (only when with 50m ie 5" in woods) it was soon apparent that the Elite Paras were simply unstoppable as they did not suffer any stalling effects (Hesitate or Halt in rules) except possibly with massive Hun fire and extreme high rolls !! Conversely the Huns tended to become Hesitant and suffer Morale Tests. Especially true when Paras decided to charge into close combat as Germans simply could not stop them and usually fell back before fisticuffs occurred (quite realistic we thought). The Stug trundled into action trying to use its 105mm as only it had power to blunt Para progress but succumbed to a lucky Piat shot (was hit bit not brewed but crew abandoned ship !!). One German section was wiped out to a man in a close combat. My Pioneers with their flamethrowers managed to catch a Para section in the open and with best combined firepower on German side I had high hope but of course they then threw a paltry 1 (on a D10) to yield no effect on Paras who then forced them from foxholes. As 4 out of 6 German sections were falling back or destroyed we called it a day. Lesson was Elite troops just too good against Experienced. In future we will only allow a single quality level difference between sides (ie Veteran vs Elite or Experienced). to make a more 'balanced' game. But we both thoroughly enjoyed the game especially rediscovering a great set of rules we had neglected. The terrain crammed table made for a great Infantry game as all very up close and personal.

Paras advance

First opposition encountered 

Struggle in center with Paras taking a line of foxholes and the Stug in action

Paras clearing woods

The Para HQ


  1. A great looking game, I like the 5th pic the best, as you said a terrain crammed table always looks and makes a great game.

  2. Game looks really cool. Great looking figures too.

  3. Very nice! Looks like a great time.

  4. Sounds and looks like a great game, very nice figs.

  5. Looks like fun. Have you tried BKCII and do you think the result would be the same?

  6. Hi Doug yes I have played BKCII and hard to say if game would turn out same as maybe not such a difference between Elite and whatever in that set. Also no inertia in application of orders in our game which is of course possible in BKC system. The suppression system in BKC is bit different to the combat outcome/morale in our game too. But I suspect that overall the high quality Paras would still grind down the Huns.