Saturday, May 27, 2017

General D'Armee - more solo play

Continued my solo trial of Genetal D'Armee.
For anyone who has played Pickett's Charge these are very easy to pick up and play.

Core systems of Command and Orders via ADCs along with Combat and Firing are pretty much the same with some obvious changes to Formations and Orders and some Outcomes and Modifiers to better reflect Napoleonic Combat.

Some nomenclature changes such as Serendipity Test now rename Destiny Test or Double Quick order now known as Forwards.

Several differing Orders the main new one being Infantry Assault wherein a whole Inf Brigade can be ordered to conduct a charges as lead and/or support units whereas without this order only 1 single Inf unit can charge unsupported.

Skirmishers are somewhat different with Special Light Inf units able to move in and out of Skirmish but with other units contributing to a Brigade Skirmish Line eg a Brigade of 4 Standard units generates 4 Skirmish base which operate a Skirmish Line.
This line can be beefed up via an order and Skirmishers themselves can gain an extra Casualty Dice via another order.
Line or better grade Inf can produce more Skirmish bases (3-5) but cannot Reform in game.

There is also an extra game turn phase with Melee a separate phase at turns end (rather than part of Charge Phase in Pickett's Charge) this is likely due to the more potent and aggressive Cavalry in period.
That said Cavalry can be Battle types or Campaign (Cossacks, Hussars and such like) with French in 1813/14 forced to field 50% of their Cavalry force as Campaign Cavalry which are slightly down in Cav vs Cav fights.

A few Nationality Traits are included optionally but I have not delved into these yet.

Play through is decent so far with no glaring holes in rules.
Stephen and his brother John both had problems with the Firing Charts in Pickett's Charge (they feel Long Range Artillery fire and Small unit fire is too potent - of which more in next post) with which I agreed somewhat although I am not as well read in ACW as other periods, however nothing seems out of whack in General D'Armee thus far and the firing chart results are somewhat different anyhow.

All in all another good set of Divisional 'scale' rules.
Not as much tactical detail as Over The Hills but consequently about as fast playing as Field Of Battle.

Game in anger planned for next week so more later................

Prussian 'Battle' Hussars facing 'Campaign' Chasseurs whose Brigadier is using Glory order (+1 in melee)

French Infantry Brigade is Hesitant (MDF Orcder chit showing which I coloured)

Opposing Brigade skirmish units visible here

Two Large (ie 3 stand) gun batteries support advance

Skirmishers, Line, Column, Garrison (ie in BUA( and Cavalry Double Line formations

Prussian Hussars have support from other Hussars to rear (ie within 10cm/4")

Prussian Grenadier Brigade in Reserve status

Prussian Fusileers battered (7 casulaties) and forced to Retreat, Unformed and causing an Unformed status on Column they passed through.

French Line unit suffers poor Fire Discipline result (smoke)

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