Saturday, May 20, 2017

Over The Hills with Orders

Played a game using Over The Hills rules with the Order Counter System this being the only Optional rule we had not tried.
I got one of the Kickstarter 'Cribbage' boards for recording Morale and a set of Order Counters so seemed fitting to give them a trial (also a new gaming mat in evidence).
I used late war Prussians and Stephen French.
I had 2 large Infantry Brigades and a Dragoon Brigade against 3 French Infantry (1 of which was Young Guard) and a Light Cavalry Brigade.
I set up the table and we diced for side and then deployment option which French won handily having the Light Cavalry.
Using the Orders gave another level of decision making and due to the 'restrictions' of certain orders generated a level of inertia, as units we would normally have charged with regardless found themselves unable to due to orders.
My right wing Infantry Brigade ended up facing two Brigades and the Young Guard and Stephen had his usual excellent dice rolls (especially on Ball-shot 'bounce throughs').
Using the new Morale Board it was easy to track morale and my right wing reached Break Point fairly quickly once Close Combat started and was Shattered (essentially a 'Must Retire' order).
My Dragoon charged in the center taking out an Artillery Battery and forcing several units into Squares.
However on my left I had a Brigade of Landwehr which after initially being on Hold began an Advance.
They were then Attacked by the French Cavalry with a unit being destroyed outright after failing to Form Square against a unit of Guard D'Honneur.
These losses tipped my whoe Division into Shattered status and the game ended.

Great set of rules and the Orders whilst adding another level of complexity gave a plausible game.

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