Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mortem Et Gloriam - Maurikian Byzantine versus Arab Conquest

A game of MEG played today at Stephens with a run out for my Byzantines against a Arab army of Stephens.
A very bloody but interesting game it was.
The Arab Foot being Superior grade are tough when combined with their Shieldwall and Integral Shooter abilities.
Byzantine Cavalry are good with their Shoot and Charge and Lance but they are an expensive troop type in points style games.
At one point in the game we had all of our units involved in combat (bar one unit of Skirmishing Foot each !) and this made for exciting and tense outcomes with every combat roll made.
Of course the Byzantines folded first but as in all MEG games the victor is also bruised and bloodied.

A nice cathartic way to spend a day off after the horrors of TV news last 48 hours..........

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