Monday, October 29, 2018

Hitlers Reich a couple of games

Played the very fun Hitlers Reich at my Dads and with my son over last couple of evenings.

Played 3 versus my Dad (winning 2) and twice versus Steven (1 each).

Great gameplay in this WW2 lite but fun game.

Lost first game to Dad by falling to zero Production (damned Wolfpacks) but did same to him in next game then finally in thried game I took Berlin which he failed to recapture giving me game.

Against son we both tried several options including his invasion and capture of London which combined with Barbarossa seeing fall of Moscow gave him game as I failed to take either back.
However I was able in next game to push through Austria and from East after a poor Barbarossa and then by Strategic Bombing I whittled him down to zero Production to take revenge.

Really great fast playing game once one gets over the rules hurdle, not complicated just poorly laid out and explained.

Only couple of pics

Early on game vs Dad with a mistake made in that whilst Soviet-German Non-Agression Pact is in effect Allies cannot attack Romania or Hungary as I have done here.

Game vs son with Allied offensive in East and through Balkans starting to gain ground

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