Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Panzer Grenadier Deluxe - Villers Bocage

Game of the ever excellent Panzer Grenadier Deluxe rules with Stephen today utilising the Villers Bocage scenario from the western scenarios booklet.

Great game with Stephen as Wittman & co against my floundering 22nd Armoured Brigade.

Tigers are really tough (only the Firefly really has a chance) and despite outflanking Wittman once or twice he managed to survive unscathed, only going low on ammo (no bloody wonder with all the shooting he conducted !).
I did get some artillery support (3 x 25pdr missions) from turn 5 but the British radios failed to make contact (is this Arnhem !?) and when they did the bleeding gunners questioned orders (ie throw of 3 equalling "Say again over ?).
The arrival of a further Tiger and PzIV unit along with more Grenadiers spelt the end as my hiding transports soon suffered giving Germans the win.

I really like these rules as they are an excellent balance of playability and flavour and at a nice level of simulation.

Pre German deployment with 22nd Armoured spread along the road to Hill 213

Wittman (on right) and friends deploy on dominating ridge south of Villers Bocage

Cromwells move to engage (Firefly already brewing)

Units on Hill 213 suffer as well

Despite ouflanking the Tigers 2 more Cromwells brewed up

Further losses in town

British reserves arrive from west

Even the Firefly failed to hit Tigers (long range)

Infantry deploys

German reserves appear on Hill 213 to seal the deal

I also managed a game of Combat Commander Pacific against John last week but forgot to take photos !
We played the first scenario in book which my Yanks managed to win mainly due to John erring in his Jap deployment leaving a key victory location unprotected.