Sunday, July 21, 2019

No Retreat! The Russian Front full game played

Another outing with this engrossing game with my Dad.
This session we had time to play beyond the Turn 12 Initiative switch.

Played through to Victory Phase at the start of Turn 21 with Russians crushing the Fascist vipers in their lair (ie achieving an Auto Victory level of 31).

But a real roller coaster of a game with Germans twice coming up only 1 VP shy of an auto-win themselves.

Dad had Moscow surrounded but I just managed to break the encirclement saving myself a gaming losing VP (and likely another along with -1 Card for loss of Moscow).

The Soviet upgrades change things and then once initiative changes mid 1943 (Turn 12) the Soviet juggernaut really goes up a gear and any Axis losses (usually to an Exchange result) hurt as so costly to Upgrade them to full strength.

The SS Panzer is a tough unit but it only last 6 turns and its removal along with 2nd Panzer 2 turns before really dent German offensive strength.

The mountain areas help Germans but Prussian and Berlin is much easier fare for rampaging Ivans.

Great stuff once more with this game.


  1. Hi I really like this game and was wondering how long it took you to play in full? Thanks Sean

    1. Took about 3hrs to our finishing point if continued into 1945 i would expect around 5 hour mark