Monday, July 15, 2019

No Retreat! The Russian Front played again

Another session of No Retreat with my Dad and another fun outing with this excellent game.

Again we played from Barbarossa through to Turn 12 when Initiative shifts to Soviets and another draw declared.
Different game
 to last time with much more action around Moscow and much less on southern front.
Leningrad fell this game but not Sevastapol.
I nearly forced the surrender of 3 German Panzer armies outside Moscow but they managed to get supplies through damn their Fascist hides !

Such a playable East Front game this.

We also played the initial scenario from this game but as I forgot to take pics I will discuss its very interesting system when I do.


  1. It's a long time since I did this, but I seem to recall that the rules needed some good reading before play, it seemed a good game if you were to play quite often, but not one just to pull down infrequently as it took too long to jack up the rules in my head ...... your go at it makes me think that I may have got that wrong and that it should get another look.

  2. The counter blows and victory conditions took a bit of careful re-reading but otherwise not much rules overhead compared to many other games