Sunday, December 01, 2019

COIN system 2 more games played.

At my Dads tonight and another two session of COIN magic.
Have both Liberty Or Death and Pendragon in my library now but not had any time to learn so it was Fire In The Lake and Colonial Twilight again.

First up was Fire In The Lake trying the full scenario again and once more Dad with the VC/NVA won an auto victory early in game.
Very hard to Pacify enough of VC Opposition areas or remove bases quickly enough to stop them achieving 35 VP (they start on 29).
A card we have not seen before 'Chairman Ho' proved very powerful giving 3 Free Limited Operations to VC and NVA.

Then it was onto Colonial Twilight again the full scenario this one was as ever much closer although my French twice were 1 VP short of an auto win.
However when last Propaganda card appeared I had just managed to reach 37 VP and win as FLN were still some 10 VP from their victory level. 

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