Saturday, August 01, 2020

Combat Commander - couple of scenarios played

Couple of scenarios from Combat Commander: Mediterranean played with my Dad.
First set on Eastern Front in 1941 pitting Romanians against Russians the second a 1940 bash with Germans versus French.
As always two great games (both Allied wins). 


  1. G'Day Gary, you're certainly getting a lot of board games played. I came across combat commander a bit late as all the stockists in Oz had sold out by the time I went looking for it. It looks very much like the original Squad Leader that I played in the 80s. Cheers Greg

    1. Hi Greg, looks like SL but much different gameplay. No structured phases of play as dependant on card plays. But it ‘feels’ like SL if that makes sense ?
      CC has been reprinted several times so should be available somewhere, some place, some tome :-)