Thursday, April 18, 2024

General d'Armee 2 - Gilly scenario

GDA2 again at Stephens today and he picked the Gilly scenario (one of our favourites) from the Hundred Days supplement.

I of course therefore fielded the Prussians and he the French.

Proceedings delayed by chat about his visit to Salute but we still managed 6 turns.

Games certainly flowing well now but still coming across the odd obtuse wording in rules and couple of contradictions (albeit minor) between rules and QRS but otherwise fine.

Have said this after every game but Skirmishers are pretty potent in system as so many opportunities to shoot, often with extra dice (Skirmisher tasking) alongside being so flexible in movement and they seem to shoot better overall than volleying with Close Order troops (these mostly seem to only fire when charged) who they out range.

Suits the Divisional level game and certainly have effect (compared to many sets in which they seem under powered)

I did take several pics but only 1 seems to have saved to my phone !

View from Prussian lines at end of first turn



  1. Sounds and looks pretty good.

    1. We have always found this a fun scenario no matter which rule set used