Thursday, April 11, 2024

No Retreat! The Russian Front - Pbem update

Pbem game of excellent No Retreat! Russian Front still ongoing with Mike and we are now well into 1942 (Turn 9 Sept/Oct) with my Germans I fear pretty much at their high water mark as Russians building strength and quality after a torrid set of winter turns for my lot.

Such a great playable game this

Turn 9 Soviet Combat phase with my having just placed three counter blows (a lot of strong red units now in Soviet arsenal !)


  1. I could never get into No Retreat, but you are making me think about a second look. I have ben playing a few Barbarossa games lately and I’m not convinced by the rate of German advance on some of them OR the degree of retreat that the subsequent winter offensive causes.

    1. Its a great game, pretty abstract (and counter blow system pretty unique) but hugely playable with low counter density and good flow/feel to campaign (there are shorter scenarios). Germans can auto-win in first half but the Ivans do get stronger if not severely crippled. Next turn will be German High Tide so strategic initiative swings to Ivans. Cards cover a lot of the chrome effects from other games and keep things changing from play to play.