Wednesday, May 22, 2024

General d'Armee 2 - Pick up game 1815 French vs Prussian

Another game of GDA2 today using the 'pick up' lists in rules to generate an 1815 game of 5 Brigades each with Stephen (who really likes the rules) using French and I my Prussians.

I decided to use my Divisional and Regimental supports to field several Veteran foot units (allowing my Light Inf to the possibility of skirmishing in open) whilst Stephen used his to field a second Cavalry Brigade with attached Horse Battery.

To start we rolled for Generals and I ended up with a Commissariat (so only 1 CiC Command and French gained an Adjutant) I also rolled 1 Bold and 1 Poor commander the French had 1 Bold.

Had used FOB terrain cards to generate terrain and it was fairly open with only 1 Village (which could be avoided an only a tactical objective (not a Victory location) and a couple of hills and woods on periphery.

I had rather Poor ADCs rolls (again) so ended up with several Hesitant Brigades each turn but still managed to gain Initiative several times (once I rolled 5 dice to Stephens 2 but still managed to win with my 2 lowest !)

We played 5 or 6 turns and main action was between opposing Cavalry Brigades (Infantry never got to grips beyond Skirmishing) with both using Glory (I bounced back Unformed he remained Unformed) 

We both then used the Post Of Honour CiC command and Cavalry clashed again, I managed to win forcing the French to Retreat and Falter.......but (uh oh) CinC managed to die also Faltering my Victorious Brigade (!!) reducing my ADCs by 1 and being replaced by a Blusterer with another ADC loss, even when I win I lose !! using CinC aggressively is of course a risk but French survived Prussians did not (both at risk as fought 2nd round of combat)

We had to finish at this juncture but did not fancy chances of Prussians with only 3 ADC........

French Support Cavalry Brigade pushes forwards with tasking

It is faced by my Reservist/Recruit Brigade (front line units went into square)

A potent support option 

Prussian left flank, I tried to use Redploy to advance here three times but went Hesitant thrice

My Reserve Cavalry have entered battlefield to counter the French mounted support and bounced back from initial clash

Central Prussian brigade (2 Veterans with a battery attached) holds up French, note my Jager able to skirmish in open as Veteran

Opposing cavalry forced to reform prior to reengaging with Post Of Honour charges

Oh look another Hesitant status

And for the Veterans................

Yup you guessed it a third brigade refuses to obey orders 

Bold commander at least obeyed commands

French effort clearly coming from their left (right refusing)


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