Monday, May 13, 2024

Colonial Twilight - some solo COIN action

As Ulster summer seems to be over already and raining again here today, I had an enforced break from reading wargame rules in garden (and associated chores) whilst basking, so decided to have a quick solo session with a COIN game and selected Colonial Twilight (it being a favourite).

Played the Full scenario and as usual a cracking game (even solo) was had with things being very close throughout.

FLN had early advantage but on 3rd Propaganda card the French were a mere 2 VPs from an auto win.

The FLN surged again and looked to be well on way to victory but some judicious (and lucky) French card play and actions saw them reel the insurgents back in line and the game ended on last Propaganda card with both sides 6 shy of their winning margin so a draw !

Great game.

End of 3rd Propaganda card and French just 2 from a win

End of game and a rare drawn result


  1. Down to the wire. We'll played then.

    1. Anonymous12:51 pm

      I hold my twoselves to a high standard :-)