Thursday, May 16, 2024

General d'Armee - Echmuhl(ski) scenario

Another outing for GDA2 using one of the included scenarios Eckmuhl 1809. 

However as neither of us have any Austrians we substituted 1813+ Russians and Prussian units which worked as gaming exercise despite the glaring historical inaccuracy.

We started late (discussing Masters  of the Air series of all things !) and only played about 4 turns as lots of discussion of some recent clarifications by author that revealed we had been playing some aspects of charge phase incorrectly (units essentially have a 2" zone of control all round which you cannot circumvent by charging past on flank - all fine and plausible but not how we had interpreted/read rules).

There is a really good game possible with GDA but sort of concealed under a veil of vagueness with some aspects of rules at times. 

Command several large pseudo-Austrians (ie Russians) line central stream

Opposing gun batteries line up on opposite heights

Right of 'Allied' deployment with one of those tough villages (thankfully being on periphery and not a victory objective it was not a factor) 

More large units on Allied left (Prussian figures)

As French ignored village (cowards) I used Redeploy tasking to push forward on that flank

Leaving 'Prussians' on left to hold up French (they were later aided by reserve Cavalry which usually thwarts any infantry advances)

French used Forward tasking to push their right flank Brigade up quickly

Central Allied brigade also used Redeploy to counter attack but quickly stymied by loss of Skirmisher Screen faltering the brigade

Time ran out at this early and inconclusive juncture (with the French cavalry reserve still uncommitted)


  1. Smashing looking game and report. However, the comment "There is a really good game possible with GDA but sort of concealed under a veil of vagueness with some aspects of rules at times," doesn't really sell the rules to me.

    1. Not my job to sell em just play em :-) It is a set with nuance so some tighter definition would help at times but it does generate a fun game once you get it.

  2. How does it compare to FOB3?

    1. Anonymous2:52 pm

      GDA has more nuanced/detailed charging, combat and morale systems but at cost of slower play.
      FOB overall is more flexible, less complex and much faster playing (cards and odds/evens system just super) happy to play either even if FOB would be my preference (marmite for some)

  3. Thanks, I am a FOB fan...have yet to find anything to beat it.

    1. Nor have I :-) other sets have their plus points (and minuses) be it with detail or period specifics but FOB just generates a nice and usually exciting game with plausible outcomes, is easy to teach and play and very tweakable and as 'historical' as any other set even if a more 'broad brush' approach in some respects.