Thursday, February 15, 2018

Field Of Glory: Napoleonic game played and another session of Labyrinth

Bit of a catch up post.

Played a game of FOGN using my French against Stephens British in a Peninsular bash circa 1811.
Been a while since we played FOGN but found that it seemed less complex than first impression !?
Still a badly laid out set but does include everything.
We both feel that whilst more complex than Blucher or Principles of War (other sets set at similar Brigade/Regimental scale) it has a lot of options and decisions to offer players.
One big error we made was allowing units to become Broken by hits at Medium and Long range (can only occur at Short range) otherwise all flowed well and was an enjoyable game.

British & Portuguese line hills with Cavalry in reserve.

Young Guard approach on left supporting a Line Divn

French Veteran Divn on right overlapped by British (my Cav Divn off-table in reserve)

Polish Lancers support Young Guard

French push forward

Lancers clash with Dragoons (both Disordered and Spent)

Both sides taking hiits

French Cavalry arrives to support Skirmishing unit and forced British into Square

General action along the front

Also managed a couple more games of Labyrinth with my Dad.
I won both but he smit (infected) me with flu seemingly as revenge !!

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