Monday, February 19, 2018

Seasons of Battle another solo trial

Have set up another Seasons Of Battle campaign to solo my way through.
This time setting is Napoleonic with Prussians facing French in 1813ish.
Was going to try SOB system with different set of rules but plumped again for Field Of Battle as just so solo friendly and I have a couple more house rule ideas I wish to try.
Using small 2 base units (for ease of play) as Regiments/Brigades (ie similar level to FOGN) to allow some scope for manoeuvre on a 6' x 4' table top.
I also used a points system I am working on for FOB to establish the starting forces (1600pts apiece) and see if any form of balancing can be achieved.

Both armies have 4 'Divisions' ie small Corps.
The Prussians have 2 Infantry Divisions of 2 Regulars 1 Grenadier 1 Foot Battery 1 Landwehr (Large units ie 5UI) and Landwehr Light Cavalry.
A third Infantry Divn of 2 Reserve and 1 large Landwehr with a unit of Uhlans.
Their 4th Divn comprises 2 Dragoon and 2 Hussars units with a Horse Battery.
They start with an Average deck and a Skilled D12 commander, lets call him Blucher.
Starting National Will is 72 (it is the War of Liberation after all)

The French have an Infantry Divn with 2 Regular, 2 Conscript and 1 Light Infantry backed by a Battery of guns.
Another Infantry Divn of 1 Veteran foot, 2 Conscripts, 1 Light Foot gun Battery and a unit of Chasseurs.
Their 3rd Divn has 2 Young Guard foot a YG gun Battery and Polish Lancers.
The 4th similarly to the Prussians has 2 Dragoons and 2 Hussars.
The have a Skilled Deck and D12 General who I shall see.....Napoleon.
Starting National Will is 53 (losses of 1812 still way heavily) and means 'Strategically' they will need to attack to increase their Will whilst hopefully reducing enemies.

For the preliminary battle in the 'Lutzen' region the map selection yielded a table with a stream  running down the middle, gentle hills, several dense woods (I rolled odds/even for each area to see of light or dense) and a town complete the make up of the terrain (ala terrain card 19).
As a house rule I rolled a D4 to allow that many extra terrain pieces on table (with a roll of 6 on a D6 removing any) this saw 3 pieces of which only one remained; a small marsh.
Initial Campaign Card play (I used standard deck just ignoring any Battlefield Adjustment cards) saw French 'win' the set up.
The French gained 10 Strength points to starting morale (but rolled low so only 29 Morale) and won Deployment allowing them to deploy units one extra zone forward.
The Prussians have to deploy one Divn first but can amend the deployments of 2 Divns after French set up they start with 26 Morale points.
The Prussians also got to choose side of table to set up.

Encounter set up ready to go....................and so to war !

Prussians on hills to left, French ensconced around Town on right

Young Guard Divn deployed forward

French Cavalry behind Guard.

Infantry on right

Prussian left with a 'large' Landwehr unit (ie 3 bases)

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