Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Seasons Of Battle/Field Of Battle solo 1st action.

Started my solo initial battle which I am terming Battle of Lutzen.

Despite French nominally being strategic aggressors I diced for stances in battle and attack status fell to Prussians.
After an initial lack lustre start (ie no bloody move cards) the Prussians have really taken it to the French !
A general assault across the stream and bridge has taken their central Infantry Divns into the heart of French deployment.
It has not been without loss however as 4 Prussian Brigades are now hors de combat.
France also saw 4 Brigades Routed but with they managed to recover 3 of these in short order.
Prussia is exerting more pressure in centre and 2 further French units have Routed.
A hum dinger of a slog between a unit of Young Guard and a Prussian Grenadier unit has seen both charge, be re-buffed, exchange volleys, drop and regain morale thus far.
The Prussian Grenadiers also saw of a charge by Polish Lancers managing to coolly form Square.
France lost a Divn leader and this could have spelled disaster with his Divn all Out Of Command but they held a a replacement was quickly found and order restored.
On Prussian left their Cavalry also managed to get across the stream but have been repulsed.
On French left the Young Guard Divn is holding off 2 enemy Divns and with the battle still ongoing the French Cavalry Divn is as yet (ominously ?) uncommitted to the fray.....

Field Of Battle excels at this sort of game 'narrative' with sweeping advances possible and dramatic swings in fortune possible.
Makes for exciting games even in solo mode.
My further testing of a 'Form Hasty Square' rule has worked well and am still toying with possible 'Cavalry Retire' (essentially for when approached by Infantry to stop standing still for devastating volleys).
I had considered a 'Cavalry Intercept/Opportunity Charge' but not sure it adds much.

Prussian cavalry cross the stream

Prussian assault in centre

French deploy on right to thwart Prussian cavalry

Young Guard holding forward posistion

The fierce onslaught around bridge

French advance from town but lose a Leader (hence the Out Of Cmd units)

Prussian Cavalry forced back across the stream


View from French left

Central struggle continues

French Chasseurs and Light Infantry routing leaving a dangerous gap in lines

Which Prussian seek to exploit

All the action in centre

The Prussian 5th Grenadiers and 3e Young Guard face off

Prussian pressure on French right of centre

Stalemate on French right (Artillery cannot cross stream)

French Cavalry Divn poised but where to go ?

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