Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Season Of Battle/Field Of Battle solo Napoleonic initial encounter concludes

Played out final phases of initial encounter and a real nail biter it proved to be !

Prussian pressure succeeded (barely) as they forced French morale to drop to zero (France then 'gave' 3 morale points to Prussians) just as their own was on a mere 1.
French then drew a Army Morale card which they promptly failed giving the day to Prussia.
However it was a rather Marginal victory with campaign staying in the Lutzen area.

Prussia lost a net 22 National Will points going down to 51 whilst France lost their entire 29 points so now on a dire 24 and in real danger of losing the campaign early.
Prussia used its Discretionary 4 Victory Points to attempt to pursue a unit of Young Guard unsuccessfully whilst trying to boost the fortunes of a Grenadier unit again unsuccessfully.
However both sides found that post battle played fortune played fickle games with the morale of their units.
Prussia saw 3 units suffer a Morale drop with one being left out of next battle whilst 1 unit of Musketeers were upgraded.
France had 4 units degraded with one also left out of battle but saw 3 units upgraded including one to Elite status.

Prussians have pierced the French centre

Forcing the French left to fall back to avoid being flanked

Prussians also across the stream in force on French left

The chaos of battle with French Cavalry activated too late and getting into a real log jam as Prussians advanced.

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