Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Seasons Of Battle/Field Of Battle 3rd solo encounter (and a bit of Principles Of War)

Started next battle in Napoleonic Campaign solo again.
Bit of an odd terrain map with two waterways (one of which is difficult Class III the other ClassII) but interesting.
French got a minor forward deployment and ability to re-deploy after set-up (not a biggie when soloing)
Prussians got Morale Boost (Strength) and could force French to deploy a Command (again not a biggie when solo)
French really need a decent wing here to restore their fortunes as any loss will see their National Will expire and end the campaign.
Action still ongoing with Prussian coming at the French and managing to steal their way across the major rivers bridge.
Not much in way of damage although one French unit in Rout.

Initial deployments with major and minor rivers showing 1 dense wood 1 moderate wood and two open (orchard) types with 1 rough hill and other gentle

French deploy on central hill mass

Prussians opposite

Prussian Reserve Division in march columns on their right flank

And the whizz to the bridge behind thrust of colleagues

French defending hill line giving town to onrushing Prussians

Struggle begins on French left (note 1 Legere Regt deployed as 2 small Skirmish units)

French Cavalry push forward on right. Young Guard waiting to counter attack

Prussian left wing cavalry moves up

Good old 3rd Prussian Grenadiers in fray again and have routed a French Line Regt !

Also got in another game (well sort of) of Napoleonic Principles Of War today at Stephens.
I tried my 1812 Russians again (this time with a Cossack Brigade) against French.
Very interesting rules these, stylised and abstract in some ways and I still dislike the lack of Elite/Veteran feel to better troops, but the do have a good Napoleonic feel to them.
But in game terms the poorly led Russians are a nightmare to use  as the French can literally run rings around them and seem to have every advantage.
Seems Russians cannot co-ordinate an attack (plausible) but nor can they defend very well in orders system (not so plausible).
We spent a lot of time discussing the merits of POW system vis a vis other sets we have tried (to detriment of actually completing the game once more) but the discussion was enjoyable of itself, nerds do love to be nerds :-)
Russians (again quite historically) would appear to need to maximise Artillery so they can counter French skirmish advantage whilst sitting stoically still in a defensive posture.
And as their Artillery is slightly stronger than French this is viable.
They struggle to take the offensive across the board so will need to try to use short term counterattacks and their guns to annoy the French.

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