Friday, February 23, 2018

Napoleonic Principles Of War game played Russia vs France 1812

Game with Stephen today and we decided to give NPOW another outing.
We failed to finish the game but learnt a lot about these excellent rules.
We feel that they are probably a bit more historical than FOGN and yet smoother playing overall.
Still not a fan of Veteran/Elite just equals stronger but in scope of game it works.
The need to select best orders and indeed to make an optimum deployment from Movement Bases was very clear today.
French in 1812 are very good with decent unit strengths and better Command & Control than poorly led Russians.
Interestingly the superior French skirmishing ability is very well represented as each of their foot can fire out to 4" at half strength whilst only Russian Jagers have this trait,
So once Russians went to Hold orders they could not respond to French under Engage orders as out distanced.
Hard to change orders for Russians as well so lesson was they need to be aggressive on defence ie the need to issue Assault or Engage orders to get up close and personal with the French to nullify the skirmish ability.
We are to re-try the rules next game now we have a better grasp of concepts and basic system.
A nice feel to the rules for a 1-2 Corps sized battle without the complexity of FOGN.
Meantime a game of FOB planned for tomorrow with Le Duc........................

Initial move on 'blinds' creating a limited but useful fog of war.

Russian Infantry Division spotted and deployed opposite French counterparts

Russian Grenadiers Division facing of against 2 Heavy Batteries

Russian Infantry and Cavalry stuck on Hold

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