Monday, March 12, 2018

General D'Armee scenario played

Another game at Stephens using General D'Armee rules this time adapting a Gen De Brigade scenario from battle of Bautzen 'Frequmounts Attack'.
This pits French Division attacking a Prussian Division in 1813.
OOB varied to fit with GDA.
A good game again with these rules although we still found artillery using the Artillery Assault order to be very potent.
We have decided in our games to make use of this order cost 3 ADCs instead of the standard 2 to cut down on the frequency of its use especially when a Brigade of Artillery is present.
This worked quite well especially once battle was joined as just so many other things to do with limited ADCs.
My dice rolling in this game was amongst the worst I have ever suffered (and that is saying something !!!!!)
French routed a Prussian unit (via tremendous Skirmishing rolls and of course Artillery) which forces a Brigade to falter.
I then 3 turns in a row allocated the required ADC backed up by a second ADC to re-roll any failure and managed to roll 6 ones or twos seeing the Brigades 5 other units flee the field !!!
Meanwhile I charged an isolated French battery with Dragoons and thought woo hoo when the guns only inflicted a single casualty in defensive fire.................however in the charging sequence the guns rolled a reasonable 2d6 result of 8 whilst my Dragoons managed a minimum double 1 !!! this saw them Retreat with and additional 3 Hits.....unreal !!
Even my Artillery was poor after an initial decent roll.
The French (well actually a Wuttermburg unit) took possession of the key town area and even whilst Unformed while forming Garrison formation I managed to fail with two separate charges by two fresh units.........
Of course the 'dice demon' suffered no such horrors maintaining his usual ratio of both high and timely rolls including 4 double 6s when firing with Skirmishers resulting in not only 2 hits but Discipline Tests on my Skirmishers !!

Lady luck may be fickle but she is also a bitch and anyhow ALL DICE HATE ME..................

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