Friday, March 23, 2018

Montmirail on the eve of battle...............scenario set up for Field of Battle game

Game planned for tomorrow with Stephen 'Dice Demon' Brittain, Richard 'The Murph' Murphy and Darren 'Le Duc' Graham at chez Steiner.
Scenario is Battle of Montmirail set February 1814 with Russia and Prussia pitted against France in the awesome form of the entire Imperial Guard !
Scenario is based on that supplied by Peter 'Gonsolvo' Anderson (I was going to use the Shako version but bit small for 4 players).
I pontificated on which set of rules to use considering Shako, March Attack, Grand Piquet, Snappy Nappy, Black Powder, Morale Napoleon or Die Fighting but plumbed for good old Field of Battle (Le Duc will be pleased) as do not then have to teach a fresh set and FOB works great anyhow and I find for multi-player it is best as all players always involved in game with opposing rolls, opportunity fire ie no standing around twiddling thumbs or other appengdages with FOB.

Am fielding units of 2 bases as this means I can reduce the 10' x 12' table Peter used for his 25mm troops onto my 7' x 5' table with my 15mm figures whilst keeping a decent ratio of table space to unit footprint.
Units are Brigades/Regiments here with Command Groups being Divisions and larger groupings Corps (4 Allied Corps vs 3 French Corps).
I have nominally set up the Corps on table but will allow units to re-deploy within reason.
The French will be played by Le Duc and Richard with Stephen in charge of Russians and I will control Prussians (so I can run game whilst participating).

Map from Pete's scenario

Pirch's Prussian Division (Yorck's Korps) on Allied left

Russian Cavalry Corps (Vasiltchikov)

Russian XI Infantry Corps (Von Lieven)

Russian VI Infantry Corps (Prince Stcherbatov)

French Imperial Guard Cavalry Corps (Nansouty)

1st OG Division (Mortier's Corps) with guns under Druot behind and Napoleon on road

 Ricard's Infantry Division (Bertrand's Corps)

The eve of battle........the extra fields and trees are decoration only (ie Class I in FOB terms)

Prussian reserves Jurgass Cavalry Division

French reserves 2nd Middle Guard Division (my YG standing in) and De France Cavalry Division from Bertrand's Corps

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