Thursday, March 01, 2018

Seasons of Battle/Field of Battle solo Napoleonic Campaign ends...................

Managed to finish of the third battle of my Seasons of Battle campaign today.

French succumbed after a hard fought action.
Prussians pressed forward resolutely and relentlessly.
French firing was poor must have been damp powder supplied !?
The Prussian Cavalry on their left destroyed their counterparts in short order and this led to the rest of French Corps retiring.
French losses mounted and as in previous battles their morale collapsed (ie all morale chips expended) and they yielded the field.

Another enjoyable outing with SOB and FOB in solo mode.

Routing French on their left wing but they did rally

Central hill defended 

Young Guard come out to play but unable to stem the flow Note remnants of French cavalry wing on right

Overview of end with French withdrawing

First Morale Card had French rolling their General 12+1 dice (Blue) versus the standard D12 (Red) and this occurred ! as French needed to beat the score it was defeat.............

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