Saturday, March 17, 2018

Might & Reason Malburian game played and a Grand Slam !!!

Le Duc arrived today for a game using Might &; Reason rules as he wanted to try them out.
I picked Malburian period to use my 10mm stuff selecting a French versus Imperial matchup using the points system.
French had an Average commander and Imperial a Good leader.
I laid out terrain during week and Le Duc selected the French and we simply deployed 12" onto the table and then had at it.
Great game with lots of the simple subtleties of the rules coming through.
One needs to manage Command Dice over the course of a Turn and to manouevre units to advantageous positions before committing them otherwise Inconclusive outcomes are the norm.
I had a force of Dutch troops assisting the Imperial Austrians and the get extra dice to roll Musketry phase to simulate Platoon firing system but not once did I manage any sort of devastating volley whilst the bog standard French opposing them rolled multiple hits !
Both our flanks seemed to implode at same time but my Dutch took losses and therefore I was rolling for failed Army Morale from 4th turn and at end of 5th my Army succumbed.
Great stuff with an ever excellent rule set.
Maybe not as dramatic as Field of Battle but has nice feel of linear warfare.

French right wing

Austrian right

Ill fated Dutch in centre

Central Austrian Forces

Cavalry slog on Austrian right

And Dutch getting hammered in centre

Mounted action in narrow space on Imperial left

Austrian foot redeploys in columns to plug gap as Dutch disintegrate

Austrian Cuirassier in the ascendeny on right

Action continues in center

Austrian force on left under pressure from Garde Francais

Austrian horse on left near to defeat

Overall view of the lines of battle

Austrian right dominate hill

French push forward in centre

And the GRAND SLAM is Irelands !!!!!!

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