Monday, March 12, 2018

Maneouvre a nice little board game

Acquired Maneouvre by GMT games and gave it an outing at my Dads.
It is an abstract war-themed game but by gad its fun !
A fast play card driven game with nominally Napoleonic flavour.
There are 8 nations to chose from France, Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, Spain, Ottoman Turk and USA (last 2 not tried).
Each nation has 8 units a mix of Cavalry and Infantry types (Artillery is done via cards) and each has their own unique 60 card deck.
Game is played on a 8x8 square grid made up from 4 tiles (out of 36 ? tiles) with various terrain types thereon.
Decks vary in types of card, with Leader cards and HQ (ie special action) cards plus 5 cards per unit which have varied combat, shooting and defence strengths.
Leaders have various rolls they can perform, add to Combat, Rally, some have special abilities and most can very usefully allow units to support attacks.
Units fight using either single or double versions of D6, D8 or D10 dice.
Combat is resolved by totaling defence vs attack and the ratio determines if hits and/or retreats (and who gets to choose) or outright destruction.
Some units have Volley ability and Artillery.
Units are rated strength 5-8 with a reduced rear side.
Infantry move 1 square and cavalry 2 with no diagonal moves or interactions.
Cavalry can pursue retreating units
One wins or loses by destroying 5 enemy units or achieving a territorial victory upon nightfall (when both decks exhausted).
As per above you can see its indeed abstract and simple but it is not simplistic and with the varied nations types and decks and their inherent strengths and weaknesses it means their are various tactics and strategies one can perform/attempt.
Games take about an hour and so its easy to play multiple encounters of an evening.

I got so engrossed I forgot to take more than 1 pic

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