Tuesday, March 20, 2018

L'Art De La Guerre - Gauls vs Caesar

Game of LADG today using my Gauls against Stephens Romans under Caesar (Triumvirate list).
Been a bit since we played LADG as we having been using MEG for the period.
Roman Legionaries are good tough troops on LADG (unlike DBM) that have a definete advantage over Warband types if they can hold the initial Gallic charge.
With the superior Roman command (ie more Pips) they can hold off charging the Gauls when basic factors would be 2 vs 2 and make the Impetuous Gauls charge them when it is 2 vs 1 to Romans (those damn Pila) but with Gauls having Furious charge.
However the Gauls need to score 2 more than Average Legionaries and 3 more than Elite types to inflict losses (with extra loss for Furious charge).
In todays game I charged in with some 13 units of Gauls (a mix of Heavy and Meduim types) against a line of (Average and Elite) Legionaries and managed to win a massive 2 Combats with 1 drawn and the rest lost.
Stephen threw 4-6 on his dice for 10 combats and of course I managed several 1s as usual thereby taking multiple Cohesion hits.
In the ensuing melees the Romans have the advantage as they now count Armoured,
To make matters worse my Heavy Cavalry who were Elite managed to lose to Average counterparts.
So in the course of 2-3 rounds of combat I lost a dozen units for no losses to Rome !
I did manage to kill a few bases later but was still hemorrhaging Warband units and so was defeated in short order.
But you know what it was a fun game with a large unfettered clash of arms and was quick if somewhat nasty.
We were once again enthused by LADG which is much faster playing than MEG if a little more stylised having a more pronounced 'rock/paper/scissors' feel to outcomes than MEG.
I can see why they are popular competition rules as pretty well written and quick (I would suspect more so with the 200pt armies than the 300pt we usually use).

Apologies for poor pics as the sun (yes folks the sun !!) was bright and shiny today in NI.

Opposing lines at start

Gallic cavalry and chariots on left 

Medium Infantry Gauls in center

After huge initial Impact and Melee phase note multiple hits on Gallic side and gaps were once where units. 

Fought in sweltering heat on left and in shade on right

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