Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Chain Of Command again !

Another game using CofC today this time with a scenario from the Scottish Corridor campaign 'Le Valtru' which is a meeting engagement between SS and Brits.
I took Brits again (glutton for punishment) and Stephen the nasty Nazis.

Very interesting Patrol Phase in this one with lots of decisions as to placement for both Patrol Markers and Jump Off Points.
This is a very nice system for setting up an encounter.

During game the SS sections once more showed their prowess with double MG42's pumping out massive firepower.
An 8 man SS section yields 20 dice against the Brits 8 men with lesser 13 dice, which on average rolls means Brits will suffer 1.5-2 times the hits and casualties.

I had a Churchill VII (great armour poor gun) which managed to survive a hit from a mighty Tiger 1 (great armour great gun !) but my Infantry suffered badly.

Of course not only was Stephens rolling good as ever but he managed a couple of double phases and therefore volleys at my troops (one poor Section had 44 dice rolled against it !!!) and of course I then rolled for my hits and (in the inevitable reversal of dice fortunes) I rolled numerous sixes (ie Kills) on my troops (even in hard cover !!) and then managed to Wound several NCOs all of which saw my 8 Force Morale whittled tout suite to zero and the game ended (6 morale tests yielding the 8 minuses) in a mere 2 hours or less !

We both love the Patrol Phase and the Command Dice/Chain Of Command dice system of CofC (bit of genius to be honest) but the Shock/Morale model and 'buckets of dice' combat is maybe too simple/bloody to give much depth to the games, certainly it is tough to manouvre when speeds are randomized and with a lot of long fields of fire even in Normandy.
Of course as it is a 'simulation' of a very few seconds or at most minutes of combat it certainly plays well as a short sharp shock style of game easily and quickly resolved

Planning another WW2 game next week either CofC again or maybe IABSM.......................

SS get to good positions first yet again

A race to the hedge line on the right was won by SS (I just could not get timely usable dice)  

The losers of the race...................

Overview of Le Valtru

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