Monday, May 14, 2018

Festung Europa board wargame played

A board wargame played with my Dad on Sunday with newly acquired 'Festung Europa' from Compass Games.

A quick playing CDG type game by Mike Rinella covering Western Front 1943-1945.

Game starts with Op Husky the Allied invasion of Sicily (or the proposed Op Roundup as alt-history alternative).
Pretty standard CDG card play (a lot of the events are familiar from BTB:WW2) with a few twists such as powerful Allied Airpower both strategic and tacical.

Game played pretty quickly as low rules overhead and unit count (Armies and Corps).
Allies lost in Winter 1945 as they had not gotten to Germany allowing Donitz to replace Hitler and sue for peace.

Will be trying this one again.

Initial set up (Italian front not visible)

Overall view of map

Opening activity in Sicily/Italy

Overlord target Brittany

Breakout towards Paris but too late in the campaign

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