Saturday, May 12, 2018

Nine Years War action with Field Of Battle at Le Ducs

After a few weeks enforced hiatus from gaming (sob...) had a wonderful game of FOB2 at Le Duc's based on battle of Walcourt 1689 using Duc's most excellent 28mm troops.

As ever a great and excitingly fun game fought to completion with FOB.

Intense Cavalry action on my left wing, a stand-off in center and a glorious charge into buildings by British troops against Wild Geese on my right !

I also managed to lose both British Commanders namely Messrs Tolemarche and Lord Churchill !!!!
How different history would have been under my tutelage.

But sadly the Coalition Forces under Waldeck (a pitiful D8 CinC) succumbed to first Army Morale check.

However it was close as Duc's French down to 3 Morale Chips even after having 4 of mine.

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