Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chain of Command - Operation Martlet tried

Had a try with CofC rules today using the Op Martlet 'pint-sized' campaign as a handy scenario generator.

I took British and Stephen Germans using our 15mm kit.

Played two games on the initial 'Probe to Fontenay' map.

We like the rules especially the dicing systems for Order/Commands.
Shooting etc is 'buckets of dice' but works fine and all pretty easy to pick up and remember.
Tough scenario for British as very little cover for Jump Of Points or any advance.
Mis-use of Patrol Phase to a degree made it harder still as I tried a broad front approach which saw all but one of my JOPs moved to rear edge.

We certainly intend (when I have I heard that before !) to re-try the rules and the campaign.

The table prior to action (Brits appear from near edge)

The story of the day Brit Inf stuck in open fields

German Inf 'in' a building block (we used drawn floor plans as roofs fixed)

More Pinned and exposed Inf

Panzer IV advances

Some damage to Germans mainly from Mortar fire

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