Monday, May 14, 2018

Quatre Bras using General D'Armee

Game using a Quatre Bras scenario and GDA rules today at Stephen's, I was French versus his Allies with some newly painted Hanoverian and Dutch-Belgian units see their first action.

A big game with some 20 Foot Bttns, 3 Gun Battry and 6 Mounted Regts in the French OOB with something similar for Allies.
Thankfully not everything starts on table with several Brigades in Reserve or arriving of course of several turns.

A tough proposition for French to get anywhere near the crossroads however (especially with my Command dice rolls for ADCs !!) and they took a lot of casualties.
We failed to finish the game (too much waffling as usual) but felt that GDA has a lot to like with slick systems and a nice period 'feel'.

Only a couple of photos as I forgot !

French Light Cavalry Brigades arrive

As their Foot suffer attacking the ridge

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