Tuesday, November 05, 2019

No Retreat! The Russian Front played and arrival

Game of No Retreat! The Russian Front today with Stephen (as I was away a few days so no time to set up a figure game).
I took Russians and Stephen the Nazis and we set up with Barbarossa scenario.
We managed to play 11 Turns with very few rules queries and mistakes.
I also managed to cut off a Panzer and Infantry unit which failed to break out giving me a couple of key victory points.
A few too many Exchange results hampered German offensive early on and so they fell short of auto victories.
The Russian kept regurgitating units despite losing use of several events but were able to maintain a solid defensive line.
Once they start getting upgrades its a tough old slog although my Guards Tank Army managed to be destroyed twice.
As we called it on turn 11 the Nazis were on 14 VPs so Russians likely to start the Initiative swing with 16 Vps.
Great game easy to teach but with great depth and flavour despite the low unit count.

New Napoleonic rules 'Bataille Empire' arrived today and on initial skim through they look rather good with Shako sized units seeming to suit our basing best.


  1. Hi there,
    Good simple looking board game, I've been hankering after something like this but it might just be nostalgia tricking me!
    Are the Napoleonic rules in English please?
    Best wishes,

    1. No Retreat is a very playable game with less than 30 units per side in total.
      Can play Campaign 1941-45 or one of several shorter scenarios.
      Only 12 pages of rules and fairly easy to pick up.
      Components are great too with mounted board and large counters.
      Yes Bataille Empire is now published in English just as well as my French is le pants :-)

    2. Here is Utube video review that gives good overview of No Retreat! (no doubt others available showing gameplay)