Friday, June 07, 2024

Battle For Normandy - solo play

Not much time free on Thursday as watching all the various D-Day commemorations on telly (sad that this will likely be last large event with veterans in attendance) so choose to have a play with old Battle For Normandy from Attactix Games.

Tough old task for Allies to gain all the victory cities, and so it proved (not helped by storm on turn 1) as Caen held solidly by Huns and Cherbourg never threatened.

Allies did open up a corridor between Gold and Omaha with St Lo falling but just not enough

A very basic introductory style game but no less fun for that and played to completion in less than 2 hours.

Initial set up

Turn 3 and Allies already struggling with losses mounting for both sides

Also attended remembrance service at local War Memorial in the evening 


  1. That looks like an interesting game...lovely map, apart from anything else!

    1. Yes nice little eye catching map.

  2. It was a moving experience to spend some time with Battle for Normandy on Thursday, amidst all the D-Day commemorations on TV. The game might be basic, but it packs a punch. Despite the Allies facing an uphill battle, with storms hindering their progress and tough defenses in Caen and Cherbourg, there was still a sense of determination. Opening up a corridor between Gold and Omaha beaches and taking St. Lo showed that progress was possible, even if victory remained elusive. The game's simplicity didn't diminish the fun, and it was a fitting way to honor the sacrifices made during that pivotal moment in history. And in the evening, attending the remembrance service at the local War Memorial added another layer of reflection to the day.