Friday, June 14, 2024

Combat Commander - face to face play (and more solo)

On a real Combat Commander kick at present and Stephen introduced to game with couple of scenarios played to completion.

I set up 'Hedgerows and Hand Grenades' again giving him control of attacking US, picked things up pretty well (its not a hard game to play) but did succumb to a bit of 'analysis paralysis' in early going.

Game was close (as ever) with my Krauts coming out on top after a batch of Time Triggers as we seemed to whizz through to Sudden Death (still took 3 rolls to end game)

We then played a second scenario 'Paralyzed From The West Down' set in St Mere Eglise on 7th June with Stephen again taking the Yanks.

This one we played through much quicker (again a narrow Hun victory) 

Action in the bocage

And at St Mere Eglise

Later I played some more solo (plan is to play through the 12 scenarios of base game) with 'Closed For Renovation' (Humaine, Belgium 27th December 1944), 'Cold Front' (Staritsa, Russia 30th December 1941, 'Paralyzsed From West Down' (again) and 'Bessarabian Nights' (Bessarabia April 1944) all completed.


  1. Both the maps and counters are very attarctive!

    1. Some of the German counters are showing some wear, mainly due to my Dad being rather heavy handed with cardboard warriors :-)