Wednesday, June 12, 2024

PBEM catch up - No Retreat! The Russian Front and Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin

Quick update from couple of ongoing PBEM games I have in progress.

First up Vassal game of No Retreat! The Russian Front still in progress with Mike and we are now up to Turn 13 (May/June 1943) with Russians looking rather powerful as they gain strategic initiative, although I have just about managed to form an unbroken line of defence.

Also have an ongoing PBEM game with NJ John of (the venerable) Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin.

We have been playing one of the Operations (mini campaigns) entitled 'Dergatschi Roadblock' set in March 1943 and now coming to a crunch as Johns Nazis forcing their way into town enroute to bridge objective beyond but time now against them.

Fascists in town center

My T34 force has been decimated by much faster firing Panzer foes !


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