Sunday, June 16, 2024

Combat Commander - last solo session with base game

Played through last two scenarios of basic Combat Commander with both showing actions of US vs Germans first in Normandy around 8th July with SS counterattacking (very low unit count in this one) and second a US assault on Kraut positions around a hill in Italy 1944 (large numbers of US units)

US won first and lost second.

So that is the twelve base game scenarios played through and good fun it was too, such an exciting system even on ones own as always so much happening.

There is an official solo system but I have not got around to trying it as yet maybe if I try the Mediterranean expansion ?

SS counter assault in Normandy

US had an immobilized Sherman (modeled as a 'bunker' with 75mm and HMG)

Action in Italian hills


  1. I really need to give one if there games a go.

    1. Boardgames are very expensive in UK now but lots of great games out there

  2. Maps (double sided paper types) are great balance of aesthetics and functionality. Some 'prettier' map styles are less user friendly