Saturday, June 22, 2024

Clare Gaming & Hobbies - Waterloo anniversary game

Took a quick jaunt earlier to Clare Gaming & Hobbies venue to see a large Black Powder game being played in honour of Waterloo with Andy, Ivan, John (proprietor) and several others - as strange to me as I was to them :-) 

Game loosely based around famous battle with tons of lovely figures on nice mats on a 15ft x 6ft table.

Black Powder II used without any supplemental rules (and basic formations - no skirmish screens) for simplicity which is sort of required for game of this size. 

Certainly a great deal of fun being had with, blunders, charges and tons of dice being rolled accompanied by moans, groans and exclamations of joy.

Sadly I could not stay but French pushing very hard in center, expect to see result on Bakebook in due course.

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