Thursday, June 20, 2024

General D'Armee 2 - 'Franquemonts Attack' scenario

Game at Stephens today and it was back to GDA2 playing a GDB scenario 'Franquemonts Attack' 1813 with my Prussians defending.

We managed 7 turns but not close to finishing the scenario (16 turn limit) so very much in balance

We did see some strange rolls on first two turns with Stephen generating no ADC on turn 1 then my entire army going Hesitant on turn 2 !! thankfully too early for these odd occurrences to effect things.

And sad to hear of passing of Donald Sutherland one of my favourite film actors, so many entertaining performances over the years..........



  1. Fine looking action. There is a lot of great acting from Mr Sutherland over the years. He is a fine addition to any cast.

    1. Cheers. I never saw a movie with Sutherland that he did not give a good performance in even if the movie was less than stellar

  2. A great looking game, shame you couldn't reach a finish.