Friday, March 05, 2010

Battle Group Pz Grenadier II game

Super game between my son and father last evening using new version of excellent Battle Group Panzer Grenadier rules with my 15mm kit.
Lots of action and excitement from the get go.
Rauray scenario from the first scenario supplement generates a very good game pitting 9th SS advance against Tyneside Scottish  after Op Epsom in Normandy.
With new unit activation system there is quite a lot more dice rolling but its fast and furious and balanced by less rolls for combat outcomes.
Lots of double 1 and double 6 effects throughout the game.
Managed 7 out of 14 possible turns in just over 4 hours with 2 players completely new to rules which says a lot about their playability.
Declared a draw but Germans (my Dad) were beginning to gain upper hand especially on British right and the Shermans in Rauray were hiding from roaming Panthers having seen all their 6pdrs destroyed.
Great stuff.

The British Cmdr (Steven 16yrs)

The SS Cmdr (old enough to know better)

German flamethrower singes its own !!

German CO looking pensive as 6pdr opens up

Panthers appear

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