Sunday, March 28, 2010

Combat Mission

Quick divergence from table-top stuff with couple of screen captues from the excellent Combat Mission series of PC games (which I have been playing avidly since first Beta version back in 2000 !!). I have several ongoing PBEM games with players from UK and USA/Canada and great fun they are too.

Artistic shot of Panther on Eastern Front

Different form of art as my Hellcat brews on Western Front !
Much older picture from original Combat Mission


  1. Emppgamer8:04 am

    Battle for Normandy due out this year. Looks superb!!!! I played you once by PBEM.

  2. Hi

    Yes it does look very interesting.
    I still play all 3 CM games via Pbem as still the best digital wargames out there IMHO.
    If you ever want another game give me a shout