Friday, March 19, 2010

Dbmm 1.1 Galatian vs Marian Roman

Played a truly excellent game today vs Stephen using my Galatians (with Selecuid allies) against Marian Romans (lead by Caesar himself). Lots of action across the board with Roman artillery proving a major pain. Main Celt command ended up assaulting up a scrub hill (took it eventually). Enemy Numidian command broken early on but Veteran Legions (BdS) proved too tough for lesser Warband Command who also broken leaving the Selecuid command exposed (not helped by 2 turns with 1 Pip !).  Loss of Greeks tipped army over the abyss..............

Initial Galatian move
Another view of same
From behind
Roman center
Confused melee on hill near end


  1. How do you find warband in DBMM? I have a bunch on the painting sticks and don't want to bungle them too badly on the field. ;)

  2. Hi

    Sorry just saw your post (am only just getting hang of this bogging)

    Re Warband in Dbmm they are tad difficult to use especially if enemy decides not to face/fight them as they manouvre like bricks and often go Impetuous at most awkward times ! they are pretty vulnerable to mounted and PsS and usually suffer high losses (they have fairly low factors.
    But..... if they do get to grips they have a few Quick Kills vs foot with added bonus of killing 2 ranks at once. Impetuousity can be a bonus once close as they will charge for free. Enemy usually needs to kill a lot to break a Command as (unless S at 1ME) they only count as 1/2 ME.
    Bottom line then can be fun and frustrating in equal measure :-)


  3. Anonymous3:07 pm

    DBMM? Wow I don't know anyone still using these rules. The whole DBA scene seems so long ago. Have you tried Impetus or the free Basic Impetus available for free download on the net? They have army lists too for free and they give a far far better simple, elegant ancient game than anything you can get from DBA and its brothers.


  4. Hi Ken

    I have 'full' Impetus and like some of the stuff therein but dont feel they give as full or as satisfying a game as Dbmm (which has only been around since 2007) but Dbmm certainly a more complex set.
    Am looking forward to upcoming Piquet Field Of Battle Ancients set for less competitve type game.


  5. Sgt - Thanks for the input. I have 95 Britons/Gauls/Picts on the painting sticks waiting to get based up and Ch and Lh waiting to be painted

    Ken - DBA and DBMM are very different beasts. DBA is still very, very popular in my area for pickup games and one day tourneys as is HOTT.

    DBMM is getting very near to releasing version 2.0. It is a lot more complex than DBA. Though coming from DBA/DBM roots it has far less positional cheese and beautifully represents the gradual decay of an army on the battle field.

    I haven't tried Impetus(yet)though I'm not sure if the impetus game mechanic itself appeals.