Sunday, March 28, 2010

Might & Reason : The Sun King 10mm

Might & Reason game with my 10mm using The Sun King variant for Malburian period. Played it solo which is still pretty good due to activation rolls. Used slightly amended table from 15mm game.  French versus Imperial Austrian.

Lots of action across field with French having Poor command being slow bringing their superior numbers to bear.
I really like the Command and Activation system in this ruleset (a nice but different way from Field Of Battles card system). The action is fast and furious once units get into combat. Whilst shooting seems impotent (only sixes are hits) in practice units can be decimated over a couple of turns. I really like these rules.

Overview of both sides locked in battle after 6 turns

Firefight in centre

Austrian horse on right fall back damaged from Elite Maison De Roi

Swiss Brigades advance towards town

French reserves slowly deploy

Austrian Cuirassiers engage enemy

Intend to try this game again using King Of The Battlefield, Polemos, Warfare In The Age Of Reason and possibly Black Powder.

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