Monday, October 13, 2014

Bit of a catch up.........................

Been bit mad with work and suchlike here over past few days so a few things missed being blogged.
Here are few pics of games both board and miniatures (just no time for Vassal/PC stuff).

Currently up on table is another Napoleonic outing this time trying Rank & File rules.
A quick play no frills type game that is certainly easy to pick up and play.
Main gripe is lack of any real Command and Control as Commanders do not have anything like Command or Influence ranges or restrictions.
Mainly Commanders just boost Morale rolls or aid melee if directly attached to a unit.
Therefore units can in theory run off and operate independently
Maybe if/as I play more I will see more value to the Commanders.

Managed a couple of Combat Commander games with my Dad as they are fairly quick playing.
And as usual very entertaining stuff.

Also (some rather ropey) pics from a recent Field Of Glory Renaissance game at Stephens, Later TYW German versus Later TYW French.
This one was over very quickly when my three Cuirassier units were shot to bits by some potent French salvoes (read excellent dice rolling by Stephen) and all three routed !!

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