Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Piquet: Les Grognards French defeated.............

Finished off PK game with Prussians as victors against the Young Guard.
Prussians got a few large Impetus runs (16, 18, 12 & 11 in a row) allowing them to move and deal a lot of damage to the static French.
Prussian Artillery done some fearsome carnage with some timely Artillery Reload and Move cards.
French did get some small amount of Impetus and use of their Opportunity chips causing Rout of two Prussian units but not enough to counter the dominant enemy.
French Morale chips dwindled to naught quickly and they ended up gifting chips to adversaries.
Major Morale checks saw French suffer numerous Morale Checks and they quit the field with their whole right wing and center virtually gone.
Really enjoyed using PK after all these years.
Not as fast playing as Field Of Battle but some more tactical nuances with Interpenetrations (ie lack thereof) and separate Morale stats.
However only real gripe I had was the numerous counters needed to track unit status with Unformed, Disorder, Rout, Out Of command, Officer Check, Silenced and of course Unit Losses all required during game at various times.
Cavalry are fairly brittle in the system with stand loss at 2 hits per stand compared to other 3 hits per stand and need a bit of careful handling.
Against a live opponent the use of Opp Chips and Tactical/Cavalry Morale checks would be more telling but the card system of PK is excellent solo tool.

   French left wing in trouble

   The center with soon to Rout French Light Infantry in wood and 7e Young Guard in line

   The French right with Prussians in the town and flooding over the hill (all French Infantry      here were Routed or Destroyed)

   Prussian view of their right wing as they mass against French

   Prussian center again massing to break the French

   Prussian left about to break the French right wing

         French advance breaks on a Prussian wall...............

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