Monday, October 27, 2014

WW2 Barbarossa To Berlin

Played Barbarossa To Berlin (GMT Games) with my Dad last night.
Been a while since we played this but soon got into swing of things.
Usual to and fro on Eastern Front with Axis (Dad as ever) at one point threatening to take Moscow but timely and early arrival of Siberians managed to thwart him. Russian strength then built up quite quickly.
The British managed to clear North Africa despite appearance of Panzer Armee Afrika.
Rommel's bunch got holed up in Tripoli trying to counter possible appearance of Casablanca card after Allied Torch landings.
As pressure built on the Eastern Front the Axis put all his eggs in that basket and so a limited Allied invasion on Western Front became viable in mid 1943.
This indeed happened and won the game for Allies as two Armies managed to land unopposed and take the German Victory Level down to naught giving Allies the game.
A game I always enjoy this one.

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